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Eliminating Excuses Caused by Perfectionism

24 Apr

Celebrate Progress rather than Perfection

“What’s wrong with perfectionism? Shouldn’t I set high standards,” you might be thinking. In my own experience, perfectionism has done me more harm than good. When facing new situations, I feel uncomfortable and unwilling to look like a fool or ask for help. Here are some of the ways where seeking to get it ‘perfect’ has hindered my success (along with the HOPE Antidote – of course):

Too hard

When facing a new challenge, it can seem like an insurmountable situation. Every time you try something new it will seem hard at first. If you are a perfectionist,  you  may resist moving forward when you are not sure of yourself.

Hope Antidote

My hope antidote for this excuse is to think back on other times when I felt like something was overwhelming. With time, I became comfortable with the new skill and encouraged others to try it. Why should this situation be any different? It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay if you’re unsure. The key is to move forward and take action.

Take too much of my time

This excuse can become a self-fulfilling prophecy because at times, when I’ve tackled a new project, I’ve lost sight of all the other things that I need to do. This ‘all-or-nothing’ thinking  is confining and holds me back.

Hope Antidote

The best way to eliminate this excuse is to schedule my time and move forward systematically and not compulsively. Darren Rowse in Problogger writes about how perfectionism itself is a ‘time drain.’ He’s right about that. Determine how much time you are willing to spend and reward yourself when you stick to it.

Too complicated

I have to face that, most often, I am the one making it complicated. This goes back to the saying, “If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing it right.” The flip side of that statement is that I’d rather not even start the project because it looks too daunting.

Hope Antidote

The battle is in my mind. What I believe becomes my reality. In other words, if I keep believing that it is too complicated, I will indeed be paralyzed by my perfectionism. On the other hand, I will move forwards if I create a mind map or a list of next steps and tackle each one consistently. It’s my choice. My new saying will be, “If it’s worth doing, I will take steps in that direction.”

Set a simple plan in place. Take a few steps. Laugh when you trip. Learn from your mistakes.  Cheer yourself on as you tackle big projects. If you do this on a consistent basis you will be much better off. Experience the joy of forward progress instead of beating yourself up because it’s not perfect.

What hope antidotes to perfectionism can you share? I would love to celebrate with you.

Karen Sebastian is a serial entrepreneur who wants to help you succeed in your business. Please email her at hopepreneurs@gmail.com if you would like to book her as a speaker or want one-on-one coaching. Subscribe to this blog for more inspiration on how to become a HOPEpreneur.


Replacing Ten Negativity Traps That Can Sabotage Success

22 Feb

What’s standing in the way of your success? Often, our doubts and self-talk become our greatest hindrances. I have needed to overcome negative ways of thinking as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, when we sit and think about the negative side of things, we begin to speak from that place and sabotage our own success. Negativity becomes a poison that drains our initiative and energy. If you are struggling with any of these thoughts, use these Hope Antidotes like a rope to climb out of the pit of despair.

What people think

  1. This looks too complicated (hard).

    Hope Antidote: The first time you start learning how to do anything, it may seem difficult, uncomfortable and overwhelming. To move forward, break it down into smaller steps and ease into it gradually. OR, be like me and jump in to the deep end. Whichever way you choose to move forward, the key is to do just that.
  2. What will people think?

    Hope Antidote: “We would worry less about what people think about us if we realized how seldom they do.” Ethel Barrett I love this saying because it makes me realize that I do not have to waste any valuable energy and time on what others will think. It’s been my experience that when I am moving forward the ones that really matter in my life are cheering me on.  
  3. I don’t have enough _______ (time, money, talent, etc.).

    Hope Antidote: Take stock in what you DO have and not what you lack. Ask those around you to help. Share what you have with others and create a hope chain of resources. That’s my vision for women entrepreneurs: helping each other to succeed and creating hope in future generations successful business owners.
  4. I hate change.

    Hope Antidote: First of all, cut the word ‘hate’ from your vocabulary. Most of us feel uncomfortable, uneasy or uncertain as we start something new. The amazing principle is that the more you stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone, the more quickly  you will get used to what I like to call the ‘new normal.’
  5. I can’t handle all the ___________ (pressure, work load, etc.).

    Hope Antidote: Take a look back at all the challenges you’ve faced in your life so far. When we look ahead and project the difficulties they can start to grow. Instead, move forward and deal with each issue (aka problem) as it arises. You have a great track record or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.
  6. It’s not good enough.

    Hope Antidote: Who sets the standards? You do. Imperfect progress is better than perfect planning. I’m all for having a plan in place, yet you need to take some steps forward, adjust and learn as you go.
  7. I don’t want to leave others behind.

    Hope Antidote: Sometimes those closest to us do not support what we are doing. If you are passionate about making your ideas a reality, continue to move forward even if others do not follow immediately. Remember, they do not see the vision that you see. Sometimes the best way to get them on your side is to show them that you can carry out what you’ve set out to do.
  8. I could never do _________.

    Hope Antidote: Challenge your doubts. Set you fears aside. Go for it! The main reasons we don’t think we can do something is because of the limits we put on ourselves. What’s the worst that can happen? You don’t try it.
  9. Last time I tried something like this, it didn’t work.

    Hope Antidote: The difference between failure and success lies in the way you approach your obstacles and failures. Successful business owners use these as ways to learn, adjust and improve.
  10. If it’s supposed to happen, it will.

    Hope Antidote: Sometimes when we look at others who are where we want to be, we can believe they were just lucky. They worked hard to get where they are. You can do it too, if you just don’t give up.

Do you relate to any of these barriers? What are yours? What about the Hope Antidotes? Are there any that have pulled you out of a negativity trap?

Karen Sebastian is a serial entrepreneur who wants to help you succeed in your business. Please email her at hopepreneurs@gmail.com if you would like to receive one-on-one coaching. Subscribe to this blog for more inspiration on how to become a HOPEpreneur.

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Ten Ways to Keep Your Passion Alive

3 Feb

Successful entrepreneurs have passion or a strong desire for success. Success means different things to each of us, yet to be truly happy and fulfilled it is important to nurture the aspirations, drive and desire for change. We live in a society where many feel like one person cannot make a difference. HOPEpreneurs are those who are enthusiastic about their purpose in life and actively take steps to fulfill the purpose.Never lose hope that your dreams will come true

  1. Let go of the need to do things perfectly and allow others to help you move forward.
  2. Always be eager to learn new things so that you embrace the fast-paced changes that surround you.
  3. Stir up the fire in your belly by revisiting your goals, doing what you love best and remembering why you started on this journey.
  4. Get up and go after what you know only you can do.
  5. Take the initiative to make changes as soon as you see a better way so you stay ahead of the curve.
  6. Stop talking to people about what you plan to do; instead, take specific actions to make it happen.
  7. Push through the resistance you encounter when starting out; you will gain traction & momentum soon, if you don’t quit.
  8. Never lose hope that your dreams will come true because you are closer than you think.
  9. Don’t get discouraged when others don’t get your vision & zeal. What do you expect? It’s your vision, so make it a reality.
  10. Take the time to restore your energy by resting, spending time with those you love, and doing something crazy that you are passionate about.

Karen Sebastian is a serial entrepreneur who wants to help you succeed in your business. Please email her at hopepreneurs@gmail.com if you would like to receive one-on-one coaching. Subscribe to this blog for more inspiration on how to become a HOPEpreneur.

Why should I blog?

3 Jan

Get started on your blog todayWriting can be difficult for many of us. If you are one who finds writing challenging I would like to urge you to start blogging. I have discovered that my writing has improved as I draft my weekly faith-based blogs under the name of HopeGrams and my more prolific blog for HOPEpreneurs (the one you are reading right now).

Here are some steps to get you started:

Pick a blogging site

Both of the blogs are on WordPress. I discovered that it was easy to use and customize without knowing the techie stuff. I am very comfortable in that venue now but have learned on my own. I am starting a new blog on Tumblr called The Power of Hope 4 Caregivers. I’ll let you know how it comes along as I progress. It seems pretty simple so far and adds the benefit of providing a way to connect with others who are also writing Tumblr blogs. They have created a community for bloggers and it is growing exponentially.

Set up a simple blog

Pick your theme and get going. This is one venue where you won’t want to wait until you have perfect. I realize as I’ve gone back to read some of my original HopeGrams that my writing is improving. I’ve even had comments from others. The most important thing is to share your heart. It will also get you in writing mode because of the deadlines you will set up in the next point.

Create a writing schedule

Determine how often you will write in your blog. It is a real turn-off to click on link to a blog and see that it’s been months since the person posted in their blog. It is possible to create drafts when you have time to write and then simply go in and publish them according to your schedule. I have written a HopeGram almost every week for a year and half. It is now part of what I do. The great part is that I am always looking for topics which are also stories that I blend into my keynotes. It works both ways.

Be consistent and respond to comments

Set up the notification to get an email when you get comments. I have mine set up where I have to approve the comments. This is a good idea because you can get spam. On the flip side, it’s important to respond quickly to the comments you receive. This begins to build your online presence and sense of community.

What are waiting for? Let’s start a dialogue around your experiences in setting up and writing in a blog. We will talk later about how to find topics and ways to promote your blog. I look forward to hearing from other HOPEpreneurs. You have a life message inside of you that the world needs to hear. I would love to promote your blog. I will also be thrilled to gladly help you in any way that I can.

Karen Sebastian is a serial entrepreneur who wants to help you succeed in your business. Subscribe to this blog for more inspiration on how to become a HOPEpreneur.

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