Karen Sebastian is an acclaimed keynote speaker and training expert on customer service, communication, leadership and HR topics (diversity and avoiding harassment in the workplace). She has spent over 20 years in training and development in a variety of industries. Her ability to connect stems from her childhood experiences in Latin America and multiple opportunities to reach out to people of all cultures. She has worked as a certified Court Interpreter in Spanish/English for the State of California and truly understands the challenges managers face in today’s diverse workplace. She adheres to successful adult learning methods and delivers tested ways to increase productivity, improve communication and transfer skills learned to the real world.

Karen delivers what her audiences want–practical ideas combined with plenty of opportunities to laugh and relate to real-world experience. She is genuine, approachable and results-driven. Her sessions actively engage participants because she believes that experience and learning go hand-in-hand. She is an expert at tailoring her content to the audience and addressing the issues they face. Audiences love her enthusiasm and are inspired by her vision of future opportunities.


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