Clean Out the Clutter Today

10 May

clean room day - may 10

I love to look up random days on the national day calendar. Today is National Clean Your Room Day.

So  what does a clean room have to do with being a successful entrepreneur. I often have so many things going that my surroundings get cluttered and messy. Then, when it’s time to find something it takes forever. Frustration sets in and I just want to sit down an cry.

Here’s are some easy solutions to this cluttered scenario:

  1. Set a timer – work in increments of 15 – 20 minutes.
  2. Work on one area at a time. Avoid getting overwhelmed as you move forward. Pick one spot and clear it off.
  3. Once an area is clutter-free, establish new habits that keep it that way.
  4. Celebrate all progress.

I will be writing more on this topic as it is one that has been an issue in my life for many years. I am enjoying a clutter free office and I am more effective. At the same time, I still allow the creative juices to flow while working on a project. The difference lies in finishing well.

Karen Sebastian is an author, blogger, corporate trainer and gifted speaker who transparently shares the hope she has found in the darkest times of her life.  She is a seasoned entrepreneur who founded HOPEpreneurs, a consulting firm dedicated to helping women succeed personally and professionally. Karen is known as The Hope Lady because she  takes every opportunity to inspire hope by sharing her rich life experience with others – engaging them in adventurous discoveries of the beauty of hope in a dark, cloudy world.



I would love to get your insights on this topic.

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