Secrets to Success in the New Year – #4

2 Jan


Forgive Freely

Why is it so hard to let go of the things others have done against us? They become padlocks on the gate to our next steps.

Start the new year with a fresh slate by choosing to forgive those who have wronged you. They may have not ever apologize or even be aware of what they have done. So why are you holding on to it.

Find a quiet spot and explore the ones you need to forgive. Maybe it’s yourself for not accomplishing all that you had proposed to do. Make a list of each one and the main offense you feel against them.

Here is the key step in this. Make an action plan to speak to them if that is appropriate. If not, you can set them free completely from your side. Let go of the expectation of how it should look and allow yourself the freedom to move forward.

Please let me know if this has helped you. I would love to celebrate your victory over false expectations and lies about needing to please everyone as you move forward.

Karen Sebastian is an author, blogger, corporate trainer and gifted speakerwho transparently shares the hope she has found in the darkest times of her life.  She is a seasoned entrepreneur who founded HOPEpreneurs, a consulting firm dedicated to helping women succeed personally and professionally. Karen is known as The Hope Lady because she  takes every opportunity to inspire hope by sharing her rich life experiences with others – engaging them in adventurous discoveries of the beauty of hope in a dark, cloudy world.



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