How to Learn the Really Important Lessons

30 Jan

We learn many of our most valuable lessons through experience

Successful entrepreneurs are usually pretty stubborn. We could use a lot of fancy words to describe this quality but the bottom line is that they don’t give up. Rather, they learn from their experiences and change as they continue to take steps in the right direction. It is in this adaptation and willingness to fail that they come up with the very best ideas.

When you look back on the jobs you’ve had, the mistakes you’ve made and the lessons learned, how do you refer to them? I trust that you now can laugh and applaud the effort, however misguided it might have been. Many of us struggle to give ourselves a ‘pat on the back.’

Encourage others that you mentor by applauding their efforts. Settle once and for all that the only ones who make no mistakes are the ones who are doing nothing.

What was your biggest lesson learned through experience?


I would love to get your insights on this topic.

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