How to prepare engaging content for video

24 Jan

I keep hearing more and more about the need to have video content on our blogs and web sites. Here are a few of the concepts I’ve been mulling around as I prepare content for my future vlogs:

1) Know your audience

This is the most important point. Who are you addressing? What needs do they have? Ask your target audience about subjects they might find interesting.

2) Plan your objective first

Knowing your purpose and what you want to accomplish keeps you focused. It’s easy to start rambling especially when you get nervous (and most of us do get nervous when we have a camera lens in our face). When that happens the person watching will click somewhere else. A great template for an objective is to state what you want that person to gain from your video.

3) Capture their attention in the first 30 seconds

On the web, there’s a lot of competition for attention and an easy way to click, Next. Have a quote, an anecdote, or tell them what you are going to talk about in order to hook them within the first 30 seconds. Observe your own clicking rate when you are looking at a video and when you watch an entire video, go back and see what they did to hook you from the very start.

4) Support your objective with 3 points

Make sure you give some meat or solid benefit in what you are saying. Keep it simple and give three solid points. Three is the common number but it can be less if you give a solid example. Avoid more than three because that really is all that the average mind will remember. It’s better to say less and for it to memorable than to say a lot and not remember anything.

5) Close with a clear call to action

A clear call to action is where you encourage the listener to act on what they’ve heard. This is essential and often neglected.

It’s interesting that it’s really not that different from designing presentations and curriculum. The venue may be different but the same approach applies. Start thinking of topics and then move forward with your five steps to dynamic content that will engage, inform and encourage your viewer to positive action.


I would love to get your insights on this topic.

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