When is the right time to launch my business?

28 Nov

Have you ever dreamed of starting your business? How can you know when is the best time to go for it?

Several factors are contributing to more women-owned businesses:

  1. Financial necessity. According to a report from American Express OPEN the number of women-owned firms in the U.S. increased by 50% which is 1.5 times the national average. For many the reason to start their own business is because they have lost their jobs or simply need to bring in extra income.
  2. Opportunity. There are tremendous opportunities available today for women to start businesses. There are a lot of organizations that are available to help. You are headed in the right direction when you become solution oriented about the problems others complain about.
  3. Desire to gain control over their lives.  Are you tired of limiting your possibilities for the future? It takes a lot of effort to start your own business yet the rewards are priceless.

The good news is that you are the determining factor of whether you will be successful. The bad news is that if you keep thinking about it and waiting for a perfect time it may never happen.

The best time to get started is right now. Become a HOPEpreneur today.

Karen Sebastian is a serial entrepreneur who wants to help you succeed in your business. Subscribe to this blog for more inspiration on how to become a HOPEpreneur.


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