Discovering My Word for the Year

21 Jan

A group of friends challenged me this year to find a word for the year. I had not ever done this before. For the last few years my word has been HOPE – hence, my affectionate nickname of “The Hope Lady.”

What a journey I have had during the last five and a half years. I spend two and half years as the primary caregiver for my husband and then three writing a book about my mourning journey after his death. I sometimes refer to it as my trek through the “Valley of the Shadow of Death.” Coming out the other side of that valley, I have begun to sense a shift in how I view myself and what I will be doing in the future and how I view myself.

Don’t misunderstand me when I say that I would not trade any one of my experiences for all the money in the world. They have made me the unique strong individual that I am. Professionally, I have worked in four major industries and have also been escorted out of the building four times with my box(es) of books. (Training often is hit hard when they decide who they will lay off.) In between, I have returned to the seminar industry to do one of the things I love to do best – speak to audiences and inspire them to change for the better.

For the first time since I can remember I am only responsible for me. I am free to come and go as I please -travel, read, study, work , or not work if finances allow. In a real sense, it is the true test of who I am and if I am going to do what I always said I would do if I had the time, the money, the opportunity (fill in the blank).

My word for the year is SOAR. I am excited to explore the possibilities of all the dreams I put down temporarily as I raised my kids and cared for my sweet hubby. It can be a hard shift to make which is why I am so thankful to be surrounded by other HOPEpreneurs who will hold me accountable.

If you look at how an eagle soars they relax and let the air currents carry them. They are not fighting the wind. They are letting the wind carry them as they skillfully move their large wings subtly to take advantage of what is coming their way. That’s how I want to live. I am grateful for the difficult times and the strong winds because as I relax and trust that I can fly (sounds like a song doesn’t it?) I can SOAR! Will you join me?

What’s your word for the year?

Karen Sebastian is an author, blogger, corporate training executive and gifted speaker who transparently shares the hope she has found in the darkest times of her life.  She is a seasoned entrepreneur who founded HOPEpreneurs, a consulting firm dedicated to helping women succeed personally and professionally. Karen is known as The Hope Lady because she  takes every opportunity to inspire hope by sharing her rich life experience with others – engaging them in adventurous discoveries of the beauty of hope in a dark, cloudy world. 


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