Redefining Hope

14 Jan

The word HOPE has lost it’s oomph! I believe that it goes back to being told to be careful about “Getting your hopes up.”

Think about the last time you used the word HOPE. It might have gone something like this:

“I sure hope I get the funding for my business. I mean you never know about these things. I’ve heard it’s really tough and I want to be sure I don’t expect too much. After all, I am just a start-up. So keep your fingers crossed.”

So what is wrong with that dialogue? Several things. While you may be saying all of this because you want to avoid disappointment you are actually sabotaging your own efforts with a false concept of hope.


It’s hard to start your own business. It takes lots of hard work. You are good at that part. Then have confidence in what you have done. Stand up tall and promote what you have done. You have not arrived yet but you are on the way. Others have no idea what you are about but will read your body language. This is not about false bravado to mask your insecurities. This is believing that you can make this happen. It will come through your words, your expressions and your position.


As you move forward, you can not lose. The problem comes when you begin to see a course of action as the way things have to go. The expectation gets cemented and solidifies as the chosen course of action. The challenge comes when things fall apart and you are left picking up the pieces. So the hope outlook is that detours are good and part of the process. This creates a resilience that strengthens your resolve.

Good lessons

The best lessons often come from disappointments and what did NOT work. Still, we pick ourselves back up and adapt so that the next time we have included the improvements and insights gained from what did not work before. Besides, our best stories come from the struggles and second chances.

Excellent outcome

As you begin to apply a different definition of HOPE you can have the confident expectation of an excellent outcome. Someone has said that it’s interesting those who work hard seem to be really lucky. It is not luck. It’s confidence in the process and the ability to affect that outcome.  Here’s a HOPE declaration:

“I have diligently worked on putting together a great presentation in order to fund my business. I look forward to the process and meeting the decision makers in order to adapt our numbers. As a start-up we have a lot to learn and are excited about the future.”

Karen Sebastian (AKA The Hope Lady) is an author, speaker, corporate trainer and Hope Catalyst who delights in sharing her rich life experiences with others – engaging them in adventurous discoveries of the beauty of hope in a dark, cloudy world. To increase hope and make difference in your business, click here.





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