Implementing a Hope Strategy

23 Mar

Never lose hope that your dreams will come trueLately I’ve heard several people say not to use hope as a strategy. This gave me pause to reflect about the name of my company – HOPEpreneurs. Is it a mistake to embrace hope as a you implement your business plan?

Redefine your words

Your words establish your atmosphere. Many use the hope as a desperate, helpless approach to the unattainable. What if, instead, you begin to put action and strategy behind the deepest hopes and dreams in your heart. In that context, you will become much more focused to reach what others may not be able to accomplish because of their negative belief system. The HOPEpreneurs slogan is “Where passion meets purpose.” When I had the inspiration for the name of my company I began to research HOPE and the possibilities of a HOPE Strategy for success. Many start with a strong passion for what they want to do but then give up when delays and difficulties crop up.

Clarify your thought process

“My experience has been that almost every defeat I’ve been through starts in my mind, i.e. how I think. I believe people can’t succeed without hope. But not the weak, wimpy way we use the word – I hope this happens or I hope this other thing doesn’t happen. The word ‘wish’ might be more appropriate in that context because there is no belief or faith being applied to the situation. True hope means a faith or belief in something or someone. Your basis for action is grounded in and propelled by that belief.” Janis Sizemore (A HOPEpreneur)

Crystallize your vision

Where are you headed and what do you want to see in the future? You shorten the road to success when you nurture the sense of a positive future outcome. Even more importantly is having a firm conviction that your choices today are taking you in the right direction to accomplish what you have set out to do.

Reframe the problem

When you focus on the positive outcomes from difficulties and problems, something shifts in your brain. You can begin to come up with creative solutions rather than dire predictions of failure. Many of the most popular products on the market were invented as a solution to a problem the inventor was experiencing. Find something to be grateful for in the even before the problem is solved. This one shift will keep you going and make you stronger.

Take action

It’s very important to do something every day toward your goals for your business. Consistent small steps taken in the right direction are more effective than occasional attempts to leap forward. If you are feeling overwhelmed, prioritize the goals and take action accordingly.

Celebrate progress

As you reach a goal, be sure to take the time to acknowledge its completion and to celebrate with your team or family. This process of honoring yourself those who helped you accomplish a milestone makes the effort seem more worthwhile. Part of the strategy could be to plan ahead of time how you will celebrate. This one approach will increase performance because the next time you are feeling like you are not making progress you will look forward to the celebration.
Karen Sebastian - #thehopelady
Author, speaker, corporate trainer and Hope Catalyst, Karen Sebastian enjoys sharing her rich life experiences with others – engaging them in adventurous discoveries of the beauty of hope in a dark, cloudy world. To increase hope and make difference in your business, click here.


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