Do I have to stop networking during the holiday season?

8 Dec

We are in the time of the year when it’s tempting to give ourselves the excuse that we are all too busy to keep networking. Whatever you do, don’t stop networking. Once you lose momentum it can be harder to get started again after the first of the year. Instead, shift your focus a little. It’s actually a perfect time to check out some new networking circles, make a few extra calls and set up some appointments.

Expand your networking circle by attending seasonal events.

Many times there are groups that will extend an invitation to non-members. Go and test the waters. Be prepared to meet some brand new contacts and follow up with them.

Take the lead to set up a definite time to meet.

Check through your contacts to see if there are any open loops. Take the initiative to email or call that person to set up a definite time to meet. The whole approach of “Let’s get together soon” usually doesn’t work because people are so busy.

Flex your meeting times.

Expect a positive result because often people take a more relaxed approach toward work during this season. You may have to be more flexible and plan to meet around 4:30 pm instead of having lunch.

Have fun.

Enjoy your opportunities to meet others. Be ready to give your input and lend a helping hand. It will come back to you in surprising ways.

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